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Journey through qualitative research - from design to reporting

av Dominique Robert
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Isbn 9781446267134
Typ Bok
Förlag Sage publications inc
Format Häftad
Språk Engelska
Längd 250 sidor
Författare Dominique Robert
Publiceringsdatum 27 feb. 2018
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This hands-on guide takes students from start-to-finish through the research process while showcasing the complexities and interrelationships of different methods, schools of thought, and associated analytical strategies.

Encouraging students to think of qualitative research as a flexible, cyclical process rather than a linear one, this book offers a panoramic strategy and dynamic approach to qualitative research that accommodates the fluid nature of research and accounts for lessons learned through lived experience. With an emphasis on the analysis stage-within case, across case, and the dialogue between these insights and existing literature-it uses concrete applications to show how your methodological decisions translate into practice.


It covers:

Forming, defending, and evaluating research questions Choosing a research approach Ensuring ethically sound research Collecting quality data Analyzing data in layers Reporting research results Through a conversational tone that unpacks key vocabulary and acts as a companion supervisor, this book equips you to traverse every step of the qualitative research journey.

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