Wilful Disregard

Wilful Disregard

av Lena Andersson

Winner of the August Prize 2013.

SKU 9781447268932

Beskrivning / Wilful Disregard

Ester Nilsson is a sensible person in a sensible relationship. She knows what she thinks and she acts according to her principles. Until the day she is asked to give a lecture on renowned artist Hugo Rask. The man himself sits in the audience, spellbound, and when the two meet afterwards, he has the same effect on her. From now on Ester's existence is intrinsically linked to that day, and the chain of events that unravels will change her life forever. Bitingly funny and darkly fascinating Wilful Disregard is a story about total and desperate devotion and about how willingly we betray ourselves in the pursuit of love.

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Isbn 9781447268932
Förlag Pan Books Ltd
Utgivningsdatum 28 jan. 2016
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Antal sidor 195
Författare Lena Andersson