'What are light quanta?': Nowadays every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. (Albert Einstein), E-bok

Av Åke Hedberg
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In a few pages a new quantum theory is presented, against the shortcomings of the old. Actually, it is strange that no one has done this before, think the author.

Everyone knows that new facts about our world, both in macro and micro cosmos, has rained over us the last few decades.

Therefore, it is easy to find all the pieces today, which was not the case in Einstein's time.

The author now calls on anyone interested in this subject to consider this proposal for a new physical synthesis on how light quanta, and quanta in general can work.

Retired chemical engineer and amateur cosmologist. Studies at Stockholm University in physics, philosophy, history of science.
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FörfattareÅke Hedberg
Publiceringsdatum3 sep 2015
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