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Walking in dalarna - the heart of sweden

av Marco Barten
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Isbn 9789078194194
Typ Bok
Förlag One Day Walks Publishing
Format Spiral
Språk Engelska
Längd 104 sidor
Författare Marco Barten
Publiceringsdatum 1 jan. 2014
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There is hardly anywhere more Swedish than Dalarna. A large part of the Swedish culture and folklore, from traditions to customs, which is cherished and (re)lived until this very day, comes from this region. This cultural wealth can easily be combined with the natural beauty that the province has to offer in abundance: vast forests, beautiful lakes (big and small), abundant wildlife, quiet beaches and plenty of space to enjoy all this beauty. In the north of the province you can find mountain slopes that compose a surprising landscape of space and emptiness above the tree line. 75% of the lower landscape consists of forests, where moose, wolves, bears and lynx live, but also many smaller animals. You can walk around endlessly without seeing any other human being. The landscape in the middle of the province is dominated by Lake Siljan. On its shores, you will find pleasant villages and beautiful beaches. Walking along the waterfront, combined with a visit to Dalarna?s cultural sights, is an excellent way to spend your holiday. The landscape in the southeast of the province was formed by a period in which people started extracting raw materials. The best known is the coppermine in Falun which has been put on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. It is also the region where you will find countless bigger and smaller lakes, connected to each other by rivers and streams. Although this part of the province is the most densely inhabited, nature, peace and quiet and space still predominate. Visit the cradle of Swedish culture here. Hiking is an excellent way to discover what Dalarna has to offer. The 21 walks in this guide will show you the way to the most beautiful spots.
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