Unlocking the Universe

av Lucy Hawking
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An excellent book that will do wonders to raise enthusiasm for science among young and old readers

SKU 9780241481486

Beskrivning / Unlocking the Universe

"A glorious scientific gaze at our world, and the universe beyond in a fact-filled volume that will keep curious kids occupied for ages" - ReadItDaddy blog"An excellent book that will do wonders to raise enthusiasm for science among young and old readers alike" - Jonali Karmakar, Blogger"Despite it's scientific content the essays are written in a very accessible style and the many topics investigated which range from the physical explanations of the universe to earth science to robotics and future predictions. Highly recommended for curious minds from around 10 years upwards" - Sue Warren, BloggerHave you ever wondered how the universe began? Or what it takes to put humans on the moon - or even on Mars? What would you do if you could travel through space and time?*NOW WITH BRAND NEW CONTENT FOR 2021*Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this beautiful collection of up-to-the-minute essays mind-blowing facts and out-of-this-world colour photographs, by the world's leading scientists including Professor Stephen Hawking himself. This unmissable volume was curated by Stephen and Lucy Hawking, whose series of children's books George's Secret Key was a global hit.

George's stories are punctuated with fascinating real-life facts and insights from leading scientists and now this incredible non-fiction has been collected into one bumper volume, with new content from key scientific figures and up-to-the-minute facts and figures for readers in 2021. READERS LOVE UNLOCKING THE UNIVERSE:"I'm not ashamed to say I'm an adult who bought this book for myself because it's brilliant and I'm learning so much" "A wonderful book to dip into" "My 9 y.o. loves this book.

We've previously discussed a lot of the concepts, but this seems to answer questions I hadn't thought of, but my son wanted to know""Mind Blowing"

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Isbn 9780241481486
Förlag Penguin Books Ltd.
Utgivningsdatum 5 aug. 2021
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Format Pocket
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Antal sidor 418
Författare Lucy Hawking