Trends and drivers of change in diving ducks, E-bok

Av Mikael Kilpi, Svein H. Lorentsen, Ib K. Petersen, Arni Einarsson
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This report addresses changes in population size in five species of diving ducks breeding and wintering in the Baltic Sea. Declines in breeding Greater Scaup, Eider and Velvet Scoters on the Baltic coast are verified. Long-tailed Ducks and Eiders have declined in winter. Breeding Eiders have declined in Norway. Monitoring programs in all Nordic countries are partly inadequate for detecting changes in numbers of birds both in winter and during breeding, but large-scale trends appear reliable. The reasons for the declines observed are largely unknown. For breeding Eiders in the northern part of the Baltic Sea a change in predation regimes on the breeding islands may be important. If the negative trends are to be stopped, a deeper understanding of the drivers involved and better knowledge about the ecological status of the Baltic Sea food webs utilized by the diving ducks are needed.
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FörfattareMikael Kilpi, Svein H. Lorentsen, Ib K. Petersen, Arni Einarsson
Publiceringsdatum7 maj 2015
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