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Trapped in the game: a video game addiction, Ljudbok

av Patrik Wincent
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Isbn 9789198148657
Typ Ljudbok
Förlag Goinspire
Språk Engelska
Längd 03:36:11
Format 300
Författare Patrik Wincent
Uppläsare Sean Michael Smith
Publiceringsdatum 15 nov. 2017

The Swedish Games Industry is a strong and growing force in our society. As children spend more and more time in front of their computer screens, we must accept that moderation is the key to everything, including time spent on computer games.

Based on research, studies, and opinions from doctors and psychologists, as well as the author's own clinical experience, this book explains clearly what computer game addiction is, how much data gambling is too much, and what impact gambling has on the body and brain.

How much time should a parent allow their children to play computer games? How does a parent enforce this limit? Trapped in the game, is a practical guide for parents and caregivers who want tips, advice and practical tools to help combat computer games addiction in their child and how to deal with this problem in their own homes.

In the book the children are called Charlie, Cory, and Simon, but it could just well have been my own son's name. I recognize the situations, expressions and emotions. I see my reflection and it sinks in that the vile words he screams at me are not personal, he's just lost and angry, sad and sick. He is a teenager with a video game addiction.

The book approaches me as a parent and shows what my teenage son goes through when he plays and what happens to him when he does not get to play. It gives me an understanding and raises my level of tolerance that I did not have before.

The author Patrick Wincent is an authorized therapist and specialist in computer game addiction. He lectures in digital abuse and he is a father of a teenager. Patrick has also founded "Dataspelsakuten" and "Internetakuten".

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