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The unconscious zone: The secret life of your brain, E-bok

av Sven-Olof Olsson
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Isbn 9789177853022
Typ E-bok
Språk Engelska
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Format 100
Författare Sven-Olof Olsson
Publiceringsdatum 10 apr. 2018
Much of our everyday environment affects us subconsciously and recent research showing how the brain processes information. The difference between the large amount of sensory input that the brain receives and what little our minds perceive is huge. This book deals with various aspects of “The Unconscious Zone ”, which gives an unconscious influence of experiences and non-conscious decision that is often called intuition. In the movie "in the mind of John Malkovich" pressed the main character on the elevator button 7 1/2 and ended up in a completely different world, where he through a hidden door could see into and check John Malkovich's brain. Recent research has shown that magnetic resonance (fMRI) can map the brain's internal functions and create a library that can be interpreted and the person's thoughts can be followed. Using Transcranial Magnetic stimulation (TMS), one with a magnetic field can control the behavior of the different centers of the brain and also get a hand to perform movements or blocking mental functions. A companion piece to this is a journey into the "The Unconscious Zone" as the book conveys.
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