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The Ultimate Meaning of Life, E-bok

av Kauko Luukkonen
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Isbn 9789528078241
Typ E-bok
Förlag Books on Demand
Språk Engelska
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Format 100
Författare Kauko Luukkonen
Publiceringsdatum 24 juni 2020
As we all know, the dilemma of comprehending the meaning of life has intrigued both the humans and the humanity ever since the start of existence. However, it seems there is only a few who have claimed having realized this meaning. Nevertheless, we have for thousands of years pursued that one conclusion, which would be universally accepted. It seems as if humans have an inherent desire for seeking a meaning for their existence. But why have we failed to find it? Is there indeed anyone who could confirm having found it? If yes, what exactly did he discover? Why is it important to realize the meaning of life just now? This book reflects upon various perspectives which may point us to the direction of this rather elusive realization. The book gives little emphasis on the qualitative aspects of the physical life, but instead attempts to discover the ultimate meaning of The Life. This approach leads up to potentially uncovering the significance of existence, rather than merely finding the meaning of one lifetime. Let us hope these reflections shall give you hints, assistance and insight into where the meaning of your life might lie.
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