The Plus One

av Sophia Money-Coutts
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'Light, fizzy and as snort-inducing as a pint of Prosecco.' Evening Standard Magazine.

'Hilarious and compelling.' Daily Mail.

'Perfect summer reading for fans of Jilly Cooper and Bridget Jones.' HELLO!

The Plus One [n] informal a person who accompanies an invited person to a wedding or a reminder of being single, alone and absolutely plus none

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Beskrivning / The Plus One

Polly's not looking for 'the one', just the plus one. Polly Spencer is fine. She's single, turning thirty and only managed to have sex twice last year (both times with a Swedish banker called Fred), but seriously, she's fine. Even if she's still stuck at Posh! magazine writing about royal babies and the chances of finding a plus one to her best friend's summer wedding are looking worryingly slim.

But it's a New Year, a new leaf and all that. Polly's determined that over the next 365 days she'll remember to shave her legs, drink less wine and generally get her s**t together. Her latest piece is on the infamous Jasper, Marquess of Milton, undoubtedly neither a plus one nor 'the one'. She's heard the stories, there's no way she'll succumb to his charms.

A laugh-out-loud, toe-curlingly honest debut for fans of Helen Fielding, Bryony Gordon and Jilly Cooper.

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Isbn 9780008288501
Förlag Harper Collins UK
Utgivningsdatum 18 apr. 2019
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Antal sidor 404
Författare Sophia Money-Coutts

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