The Obsidian Tower

av Melissa Caruso
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One woman will either save an entire continent or completely destroy it in a captivating epic fantasy bursting with intrigue and ambition, questioned loyalties, and broken magic.

SKU 9780356513195

Beskrivning / The Obsidian Tower

 'Guard the tower, ward the stone. Find your answers writ in bone. Keep your trust through wits or war--nothing must unseal the door.'

Deep within Gloamingard Castle lies a black tower. Sealed by magic, it guards a dangerous secret that has been contained for thousands of years.

As Warden, Ryxander knows the warning passed down through generations: nothing must unreal the Door. But one impetuous decision will leave her with blood on her hands--and unleash a threat that could doom the world to fall to darkness. 

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Isbn 9780356513195
Förlag Little Brown
Utgivningsdatum 4 juni 2020
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Serie The gate of secrets
Antal sidor 483
Författare Melissa Caruso

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