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The Last Flight of a Canary, E-bok

av Akbar Golrang
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Isbn 9789198000481
Typ E-bok
Förlag Sheila Publishing House
Språk Engelska
Format 100
Författare Akbar Golrang
Publiceringsdatum 28 sep. 2013


THE LAST FLIGHT OF A CANARY is a historical, thrilling and epic adventure about two of the Shah’s military personnel, Lieutenant Arman and Sergeant Zackaria.

Arman and Zackaria both grow up in Iran during the 50’s and 60’s.

Arman is of Armenian descent and grows up in Isfahan, the son of a deacon.

Zackaria grows up in Gara, near Persepolis. He loses his parents in an epidemic and is adopted by a childless couple. Their paths cross in the army and their destinies are intertwined to the bitter end.

We first meet Arman and Zackaria during the 70’s, a time of upheaval and intrigue. Demonstrations break out regularly. In this repressive social climate a number of foreign interests clash. Who is performing secret military manoeuvres in the Khorasani Wild Land? Who really shot the American generals in the lobby of the Hotel 109? What is Zackaria’s connection to his canary?

When the disturbances turn into a revolution, the situation becomes unbearable for any military personnel associated with the old regime. Many leave the country, among them Arman and Zackaria. But life outside of Iran is fraught with fear and unbelievable obstacles.

THE LAST FLIGHT OF A CANARY is a coming-of-age novel that you will enjoy reading._


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