The Judge's List

av John Grisham
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SKU 9780385546027

Beskrivning / The Judge's List

As an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct, Lacy Stoltz sees plenty of corruption among the men and women elected to the bench. In THE WHISTLER, she took on a crime syndicate that was paying millions to a crooked judge. Now, in THE JUDGE'S LIST, the crimes are even worse. The man hiding behind the black robe is not taking bribes-but he may be taking lives. THE JUDGE'S LIST-you don't want to be on it.

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Isbn 9780385546027
Förlag Random House US
Utgivningsdatum 19 okt. 2021
Typ Bok
Format Inbunden
Språk Engelska
Författare John Grisham

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