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The Human Quest: Prospering Within Planetary Boundaries, E-bok

av Johan Rockström , Mattias Klum
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Isbn 9789187173257
Typ E-bok
Förlag Bookmark Förlag
Språk Engelska
Format 100
Författare Johan Rockström, Mattias Klum
Publiceringsdatum 11 juni 2012

Finally a book that for the first time presents the state of the Earth as the truly complex issue it really is.

Through groundbreaking new science, The Human Quest recognizes what is at stake. The content comes to life through beautiful and dramatic pictures and is thereby the first of its kind to merge science and photography. It serves as an inspiration and guide for action as humankind faces a turning point in our history and the state of the Earth. 

Over the past 50 years, our unsustainable ways of living have begun to put massive pressure on the planetary processes that support our well-being and economic development. The Human Quest tells how. Integrating the latest scientific insights with the power of images and real world experience, Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum combine evidence from the many scientific disciplines that study how planet Earth operates and the relations between ourselves and the Earth system. They not only diagnose the problems, but also look at the opportunities and evidence supporting that transitions to a sustainable future are possible.

The book illustrates the fragility and the beauty of our planet, while it lays out the challenges we now face as a human race, providing a framework for navigating these turbulent times. Unlike any other book of its kind, The Human Quest builds this framework from the unique perspective of nine planetary boundaries interactively combined, defined as: climate change, ocean acidification, stratospheric ozone, biogeochemical, global freshwater use, land system change, biodiversity loss, chemical pollution, and aerosol loading.

Exceeding these nine planetary boundaries are propelling the human race towards catastrophic risks. The book highlights that action needs to be taken now, in what may be the worst decisive decade in human history. With a fundamental shift in mindset, humanity can succeed in a transition to global sustainability. The Human Questcan help turn the page to that new paradigm.

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