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Little Book of Valentino - The story of the iconic fashion house

Little Book of Valentino - The story of the iconic fashion house



The Flowers' Festival

218,00 kr
Skickas inom 1-2 arbetsdagar
Isbn 9781782508083
Förlag Floris Books
Publiceringsdatum 21 apr. 2022
Media format Bok
Format Inbunden
Språk Engelska
Författare Elsa Beskow
Alternativa produkter
av Elsa Beskow

On Midsummer's Eve the flowers invite Lisa to their party. Queen Rose greets her guests flowers from the forest, meadow, lake and garden, and even the weeds. Together they listen to the enchanting stories of grand Madame Pansy, shy wintergreen and proud Lady Dandelion.

This is a delightful story from the world-renowned Swedish author--illustrator Elsa Beskow which introduces young children to the unique characters of a variety of flowers. This wonderful new edition of The Flowers' Festival faithfully reproduces Beskow's classic illustrations in a collectable picture book featuring a unique hand-crafted design, premium-quality paper, gold foil signature and a luxurious cloth spine. Create an Elsa Beskow library by collecting all of the gorgeous new editions.

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