The Flaxens, Stories 1 and 2, E-bok

Av Eini Neve
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Story 1: The Flaxens and the sunglasses Pinxel Flaxen starts to see things in a totally new light, and it's not a good thing. Brothers Ortus and Vulbert hope to get their wise and cheerful sister back. They only need to figure out first what caused their sister's sudden change.Story 2: The Flaxens and jumping to conclusions The Flaxens are amazed: an accident can end up as a stroke of luck. Or is it after all? The Flaxens learn to avoid jumping to conclusions. At the same time, they gain insight about wisdom, humility and courage.
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FörlagItu Kustannus
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FörfattareEini Neve
Publiceringsdatum13 maj 2019
Format Epub(med vattenmärkning)