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The Classic Essentials of Visual Communicationn, E-bok

av Bo Bergström
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Isbn 9789198415209
Typ E-bok
Förlag Water Publishing
Språk Engelska
Format 100
Författare Bo Bergström
Publiceringsdatum 13 juni 2017

Essentials of Visual Communication is an inspiring and uniquely accessible guide to visual communication. The book presents the major disciplines in today’s media, and puts the theory into practice, explaining how to achieve a strong communication chain – from strategy and goals to messages and influence – to reach the target audience.

This comprehensive survey covers a broad range of topics, including:

• Strategic planning for communication

• How to formulate and design a message

• Effective ways of using images

• Attracting and guiding viewers through strong design

• Pulling it all together: achieving interplay between sound, text, image, colour and film

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