The Boundless

av Peter Newman
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SKU 9780008229115

Beskrivning / The Boundless

The thrilling conclusion to an epic trilogy of dynastic struggles in a world of crystal castles, winged knights, and savage wilderness. THE BATTLE House Sapphire has a new leader, but High Lord Vasinidra cannot stand still for a moment. The monsters of the Wild are hunting with a new intelligence and purpose, and one Deathless family is already on the brink of extinction. THE BETRAYERS In the forests of the Wild, Chandni faces a choice that will transform her or destroy her. Far above, her two sons are reunited at last and forced to confront their true origins. AND THE BOUNDLESS Pari Tanzanite has never stayed within the rules. On a desperate journey to the source of her world's magic, Pari will discover secrets even she could never have imagined - secrets that will change the rules completely. A NEW POWER IS APPROACHING

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Isbn 9780008229115
Förlag HarperCollins UK
Utgivningsdatum 15 apr. 2021
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Författare Peter Newman