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The Black citadel - The Dwarf King’s Son, E-bok

av Tony Blom
116,00 kr
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Isbn 9789189185845
Typ E-bok
Förlag Bookea
Språk Engelska
Serie The black citadel
Format 100
Författare Tony Blom
Översättare Neil Betteridge
Publiceringsdatum 1 okt. 2020
The Dwarf King’s Son is an epic story that is fast-paced and exciting. Follow the life of the king’s son Demion Dragonblade from little boy to a grown man where evil as well as the good tries to win his favor. During Demion’s upbringing, we see him follow the path of becoming a powerful warrior and a powerful magi under the teachings of the wise high elf Larodin.

A dark image is painted in the horizon as the horrific form of evil connects its grip over land and kingdoms. Our hero Demion Dragonblade stands ready to take the fight!
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