The Beachside Flower Stall, Ljudbok

The Beachside Flower Stall, Ljudbok

av Karen Clarke
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‘I really fell for this storyline hook, line and sinker... a beautiful, touching storyline which will have you feeling fuzzy from your head to your toes, and possibly your shoulders and knees in between.’ The Writing Garnet

Carrie Dashwood fled Dorset ten years ago when her best friend Megan stole her love, local heart-throb Tom. Now she’s back to help run her aunt Ruby’s flower stall in idyllic Shipley.

Trying to persuade herself that her feelings for Tom are in the past, Carrie plans to avoid him and Megan completely. But it’s not to be, because Ruby’s Blooms are arranging the flowers for Megan and Tom’s wedding.

Soon Carrie’s crawling under the stall to hide and accidentally inventing an imaginary boyfriend. But with the stall’s finances in jeopardy and Ruby needing her niece more than ever, Carrie has to keep her emotions in check.

With bouquets to arrange, family secrets to uncover, and Tom unavoidably a part of her life again, can Carrie keep her cool, save the stall, and find her very own happy ever after?

A heartening and uplifting read about lost love and true friendship. Perfect for fans of Cressida McLaughlin, Cathy Bramley, and Polly Babbington.

‘The author has a way of just bringing her novels and the characters to life. They are such fabulous feel good books... This is a series that will have fans falling over themselves to get their hands on a copy. It really is that good.’ By the Letter Book Reviews, 5 stars

‘What a lovely, evocative story!... Wow! A beautiful story of lost love and coming of age and new beginnings. Written with heart. Loved it! Cannot wait for more by this author.’ Renita D’Silva, 5 stars

‘What a complete and utter joy... I found myself chortling away... Charming and feel-good and I loved every minute of it.’ Short Book and Scribes, 5 stars.

The Beachside collection has sold over 75,000 copies

After giving up her job as a library assistant, Karen now writes full-time. She’s had over 300 stories published in women’s magazines in the UK and abroad, and has written three paranormal romantic comedies, published by Little, Brown/Corsair. When she’s not writing she reads avidly, walks dogs at her local rescue centre, and is eagerly awaiting the next season of The Walking Dead. She lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and three grown-up children.

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FörlagSaga Egmont
Publishing date4 juli 2022
Media formatLjudbok
Format302, 303, 401, 402, 355, 404, 405
Extent value09:17:00
FörfattareKaren Clarke
Read byEmma Fenney