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Teddy's Button, Ljudbok

av Amy Le Feuvre
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Lagerstatus finns i lager
Isbn 9788726471977
Typ Ljudbok
Förlag Saga Egmont
Språk Engelska
Serie World Classics
Längd 02:28:00
Format 300
Författare Amy Le Feuvre
Uppläsare Robert Harder
Publiceringsdatum 18 sep. 2020
Teddy loves to tell the story of how his father heroically died on the battlefield. He wants to become a soldier just like him. But this brings contention and strife when a new girl comes to town. Nancy is just as selfishly proud as he is and from the beginning, they are enemies. Yet as time passes, they learn to put their prejudices to the side, allowing a new friendship to bloom. 

Amelia Sophia Le Feuvre (1861-1929) war born in Lee, Kent, the daughter of an H. M. Customs surveyor and granddaughter of a Guernsey reverend. One of seven children, she spent her life writing stories that were published in various magazines, as well as many novels.
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