Spotless into perfection, E-bok

av Rebecka Lee
device-tablet E-bok
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An, Teegan and Sasha are looking for the perfect date for the Spring Festival. But with the brand new undo - filter, no one is perfect enough. The filter, yet not on the market, shows every scar of acne and the girls are set back by this revealing invention. An goes desperate and does the forbidden thing; she rents a human like robot in order to use it as her success date on the Spring ball. Can she get through the night without the robot being exposed, can she actually pull it off?

Spotless is a story about seeking perfection while discovering other truths and finding love. It's a sci-fi romance for YA, set in a near future with a touch of asian culture. A fun mixture of adventures where opposites attract in a futuristic world. 


SKU 9789198651249

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Isbn 9789198651249
Förlag Boxi Förlag
Utgivningsdatum 11 sep. 2021
Typ E-bok
Format Epub med vattenmärkning
Språk Engelska
Serie Spotless
Författare Rebecka Lee