Smilla turns 4, E-bok

av Runa Sivertsen
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It's Smilla's birthday party, with cake, guests and presents! Come to Smilla's party! 

Smilla is a little girl who goes to kindergarten and has fun with the usual things small kids do!

Runa Sivertsen began writing and drawing the Smilla books in 2011 when she was 9. Runa lives in Sweden and dreams of becoming a writer! 

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The books about Smilla are part of Pliplop Books' collection of "books by kids for kids".

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SKU 9789187227042

Mer information:

Isbn 9789187227042
Förlag Pliplop Books
Utgivningsdatum 31 okt. 2012
Typ E-bok
Format PDF med vattenmärkning
Språk Engelska
Serie Av barn för barn
Författare Runa Sivertsen