SELL! : Master the Art of Sales, E-bok

av Simon Löfgren
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Are you a new salesperson or have you recently started a business? Do you know how to master the art of selling? Look no further than SELL! Master the art of Sales.


Contrary to popular belief, great salespeople are not born that way, just as bodybuilders are not born with muscular bodies. In his book, SELL! Master the art of Sales, star salesman Simon Lofgren guides you through your first steps to becoming a master salesperson.


You will learn how to approach and sell to clients without being intrusive, how to plan and work with goals, and how the sales process works using practical examples of sales scenarios. A thorough understanding of the basics of selling is essential to every salesperson and SELL! Master the art of Sales provides you with the perfect toolkit to get started.

SKU 9789163774294

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Isbn 9789163774294
Förlag Albert & Partners
Utgivningsdatum 20 jan. 2016
Typ E-bok
Format PDF med vattenmärkning
Epub med vattenmärkning
Språk Engelska
Författare Simon Löfgren
Co editor Christopher Butler