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Secure Digitalisation – Nordic Yearbook of Law and Informatics 2016–2018, E-bok

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Isbn 9789198263398
Typ E-bok
Förlag Poseidon Förlag AB
Språk Engelska
Serie Skrifter utgivna av Juridiska fakulteten vid Stockholms universitet
Editor in chief Cyril Holm
Publiceringsdatum 15 apr. 2019
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The Nordic Yearbook of Law and Informatics is a manifestation of a collaboration among colleagues from the Nordic countries. This co-operation has defined the field since its inception and it continues to thrive. The first volume in this series was pub- lished in 1984, and the contributions in this yearbook document the XXXI Nordic Conference on Law and IT held in Stockholm 2016, arranged by the Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute.

The overall theme of the conference was Secure Digitalization, and the articles in this yearbook derive from sessions on:

–  Strategies for secure digitalization including legal protection, technical mecha- nisms, deterrence and power

–  Compliance, automation and monitoring

–  Privacy and surveillance in the post-Snowden era

–  Remedies for the future

In addition to the documentation of the conference, this volume highlights some of the struggles that legislators grapple with in the process of keeping up with the technological change and its impact on society. Included are summaries of a number of Swedish Government Reports addressing regulatory issues in various fields affected by technology. The selection reflects regulative initiatives concerning research, regulation of automated vehicles, integrity and governance.

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