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Sales Makeover, how to create a solution driven sales culture, E-bok

av Jens Edgren
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Format PDF med vattenmärkning
Lagerstatus finns i lager
Isbn 9789198006797
Typ E-bok
Förlag Brainstation Publishing
Språk Engelska
Författare Jens Edgren
Designed by Peter Nyborg
Illustratör Kicki Edgren
Publiceringsdatum 29 feb. 2012
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Sales Makeover is a revolutionary book that will help any salesman, manager or CEO to understand how a solution driven sales culture can be developed and maintained over the years.

It will answer the question why some sales organizations succeed and why some don't - and go far beyond traditional sales methology. This book will disarm the myth of the perfect salesman, sales manager and way to sell. All customers are looking for a solution to their problems- but they will define it in different ways. The book will show you how to deal with that. Sales Makeover takes Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the chasm" and Inside the tornado" theories about marketing high tech products in to practical sales methods. The book will help you understand how the buying behavior will change as the maturity of the product / service develops and how your way of selling can be in perfect sync. The book explores why sales organizations, like IBM, could be on its height of success one quarter and lose 40-60% of their turn over the next quarter, some never to recover. You will learn how to develop your sales culture to be effective with the buyers today, and how to see a change approaching - what to do and what NOT to do. High tech, services, outsourcing and products are covered. The book is full of practical examples and easy to use tools. A warning is issued to all readers. Don't expect magic sales tips or leadership theories. I you want to succeed where others have failed you need to understand how to create a solution driven sales culture. Your return will be higher profits, happier customers and higher turnover. The author, Jens Edgren, has more than twenty years of experience in sales, sales management and sales training. He is a certified Solution Selling instructor. Jens Edgren have used experiences from working with leading international companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Computer Associates, Tieto, Schneider to create the ideas behind Sales Makeover.
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