av Curtis Sittenfeld
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Beskrivning / Rodham

Smart, diligent, and a bit plain, that's the general consensus. Then Hillary goes to college, and her star rises. At yale Law School, she continues to be a leader - and catches the eye of driven, handsome and charismatic Bill. but when he asks her to marry him, Hillary gives him a firm, No. How might things have turned out for them, for America, for the world itself, if Hillary Rodham had really turned down Bill Clinton? With her sharp but always compassionate eye, Sittenfeld explores the loneliness, moral ambivalence and iron determination that characterise the quest for high office, as well as the painful compromises demanded of female ambition in a world ruled by men.

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Isbn 9780552776608
Förlag Random House UK
Utgivningsdatum 10 juni 2021
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Antal sidor 447
Författare Curtis Sittenfeld
Översättning Mattsson, Marianne