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Road to regulation of endocrine disruptors and combination effects, E-bok

av Karina Petersen , Birgitte Lindeman
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Isbn 9789289327756
Typ E-bok
Förlag Nordiska ministerrådet
Språk Engelska
Serie TemaNord
Format 100
Författare Karina Petersen, Birgitte Lindeman
Publiceringsdatum 16 juli 2014
Discussions regarding regulation of endocrine disruptors (EDs) and combination effects are ongoing in Europe. Among the central topics of discussion are establishment of criteria for identification of EDs, whether there is a threshold for endocrine disrupting effects and how EDs should be handled within relevant EU regulations. In addition, a roadmap for further EU work regarding combination effects has been presented, but more detailed discussions are needed regarding scientific issues and regulatory intervention.
Possible Member State initiatives to provide input to these EU processes were discussed in a Nordic workshop held in Oslo in November 2013. This report describes the workshop presentations, initiatives and thoughts from each of the Nordic countries, the plenary discussions, and the main workshop outcomes.
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