Renegade's Magic

av Robin Hobb
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The third book in The Soldier Son Trilogy, from the author of the bestselling Farseer, Liveship Traders and Tawny Man trilogies.

SKU 9780008286514

Beskrivning / Renegade's Magic

The people of Gettys town believe their cemetery soldier, Nevare Burve, guilty of unspeakable crimes. They also recall beating him to death.

But Nevare didn't die that day. A power far more intractable than an angry mob seized control of his life and swept him away. The magic of the Speck people has claimed Nevare, and is shaping him into a weapon to halt the Gernian expansion into Speck lands.

As his efforts to find a peaceful solution fail, Nevare realizes he can no longer suppress his ruthless Speck self, Soldier's Boy. He is determined to stop the Gernian expansion at all costs, and unlike Nevare, has no sympathy for his spirit-twin's world.

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Isbn 9780008286514
Förlag Harper Collins UK
Utgivningsdatum 13 juni 2019
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Serie The soldier son trilogy
Antal sidor 760
Författare Robin Hobb