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Redshift factor, Absolute redshift, Galaxies red / blue distribution, E-bok

av Jan Slowak
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Isbn 9789175692685
Typ E-bok
Språk Engelska
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Författare Jan Slowak
Publiceringsdatum 13 apr. 2015

Big Bang theory is the prevailing theory of the origin of the universe and its development. Its main argument is so-called "galaxies escape".
The analysis of the light from galaxies shows that the spectral lines are shifted to the red part of the spectrum. Based on the Doppler effect interpret this to mean that "most" of galaxies receding from the observer. They believe that back in time, galaxies were closer together. If we goes even further back in time, this means that the entire universe was compressed into a point that exploded. There we have Big Bang.

By analysis of existing data, the author shows that the main argument for the Big Bang theory is incorrect.

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