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Probable Sons, Ljudbok

av Amy Le Feuvre
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Lagerstatus finns i lager
Isbn 9788726471960
Typ Ljudbok
Förlag Saga Egmont
Språk Engelska
Serie World Classics
Längd 01:51:57
Format 300
Författare Amy Le Feuvre
Uppläsare Laura Caldwell
Publiceringsdatum 18 sep. 2020
Little Milly is left an orphan after the death of her mother and she is sent to live with her bachelor uncle, Sir Edward Wentworth. The latter has no use for children, especially of the female variety, but as the days go by he is warmed by his niece’s bright and endearing personality. She loves to tell him stories from her daily life and of her friends the Maxwells, who live in the forest. Milly is also a fierce believer and this makes her uncle realise just how much he has lost touch with his own faith. One of her favourite biblical tales is the Parable of the Prodigal Son, and it takes on a new meaning for the two when the Maxwell’s missing son suddenly returns. 

Amelia Sophia Le Feuvre (1861-1929) war born in Lee, Kent, the daughter of an H. M. Customs surveyor and granddaughter of a Guernsey reverend. One of seven children, she spent her life writing stories that were published in various magazines, as well as many novels.
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