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Pinocchio, Ljudbok

av Carlo Collodi , Staffan Götestam , Josefin Götestam
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Lagerstatus finns i lager
Isbn 9789189129498
Typ Ljudbok
Språk Svenska
Serie Fairy Tales for Kids
Längd 00:54:45
Format 300
Författare Carlo Collodi, Staffan Götestam, Josefin Götestam
Uppläsare Susie Sulocki
Publiceringsdatum 17 jan. 2020
Geppetto is a poor puppeteer in Italy whose highest wish is to have a son. One day he receives an order from a rich Countess to carve a boy doll. Geppetto gets to work and creates a doll that looks like a human, he can even talk! An adventurous and lovely story of a father’s love for his son.
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