Nothing But Blue Sky

av Kathleen MacMahon
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SKU 9780241986653

Beskrivning / Nothing But Blue Sky

Is there such a thing as a perfect marriage? David thought so. But when his wife Mary Rose dies suddenly he has to think again. In reliving their twenty years together David sees that the ground beneath them had shifted and he simply hadn't noticed. Or had chosen not to. Figuring out who Mary Rose really was and the secrets that she kept - some of these hidden in plain sight - makes David wonder if he really knew her. Did he even know himself? Nothing But Blue Sky is a precise and tender story of love in marriage - a gripping examination of what binds couples together and of what keeps them apart.

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Isbn 9780241986653
Förlag Penguin
Utgivningsdatum 15 apr. 2021
Typ Bok
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Författare Kathleen MacMahon