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My Africa in Photos, Uganda part I, E-bok

av Per Carlström
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Isbn 9789197677264
Typ E-bok
Språk Engelska
Serie My Africans Photobooks
Format 100
Författare Per Carlström
Publiceringsdatum 5 maj 2009
This photo-book will give you a different picture of Uganda. Over 400 photos.
Only photos with short english text on the photos. 

The first days in Uganda we needed to become acclimatized and the group united, as we were from different parishes.

We travelled to the well worth seeing safari parks in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cambura Gorge Fig Tree Camp and on Kazinga Chanel. We took a lot of pictures from the trips and places.

We also gained a great skill in pushing the bus. The chauffeur thought it would help just to hold the foot on the throttle-pedal to get loose. Not very clever, but it wasn't always his fault that we got stuck. It is possible to see the motives on these pictures as a tourist, except those when pushing the bus.

The development in Uganda is growing fast. The country has skipped many steps in the technology advances. Internet-Cafés are established in almost every village. Internet is not very usual in the home, but almost everyone who has a job owns a mobile-phone.

There is full mobile-phone support. There are no ordinary phones in the homes. Buildings are popping up everywhere. Belief in the future is great, but there is lack of persons between the ages of 20 to 50. Most of them have died in AIDS.

Take your time when you look at the pictures. Perhaps not everybody like what they see but it is shown as seen.
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