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My Africa in Photos, Tanzania, E-bok

av Per Carlström
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Isbn 9789197677257
Typ E-bok
Språk Engelska
Serie Africa, Photobook
Format 100
Författare Per Carlström
Publiceringsdatum 28 apr. 2009
This photo-book will give you a different picture of Tanzania. Over 300 photos.
Only photos with short english text on the photos. 

We were a group of 16 persons travelling in a small bus, which took 25 persons, the remaining places were occupied by the guides and our luggage. The chauffeur thought it would help just to hold the foot on the throttle-pedal to get the bus up from the mud or sand.

We travelled there to form an opinion of the possibility to co-operate with Bukoba and their Lutheran church. Thanks to the facts that the parish wanted to show us all their activities, we were able to see behind the “scenes”. What we saw was just a bit of all their activities.

Most of the education is run by the churches in Tanzania, both the Lutheran and the Catholic. They run Kindergarten, schools, high schools, infant homes, homes for street-children, vocational schools, deaf- and blind-schools, marriage-guidance, mediation in right of inheritance for children who have lost their parents in AIDS. They also take part in the big hospitals “in the forest” Ndolage and help AIDS families and even if possible build houses for those who don’t have any.

A very touching meeting was the visit to an AIDS-family, where the mother was alone with four children.

The development in Tanzania is growing fast. The country has skipped many steps in the technology advances. Internet-Cafés are established in almost every village. Internet is not very usual in the home, but almost everyone who has job owns a mobile-phone. There is full mobile-phone support. There are no ordinary phones in the homes. Building are poping up everywhere. Belief in the future is great, but there are lack of persons between the age of 20 to 50. Most of them have died in AIDS.

Take your time when you look at the pictures. Perhaps not everybody like what they see but it is shown as seen.
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