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Moose Heads on the Table, E-bok

av Karin Tenelius , Lisa Gill
137,95 kr
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Format Epub med vattenmärkning
Epub med Adobe-kryptering
Lagerstatus finns i lager
Isbn 9789198628418
Typ E-bok
Förlag Santérus Publishing
Språk Engelska
Längd 0
Författare Karin Tenelius, Lisa Gill
Publiceringsdatum 20 aug. 2020
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What does leadership look like in a company with no bosses? How do you develop a culture that allows self-managing organisations to thrive? What mindset and relational shifts are required? In this book, the authors share stories and insights from nearly twenty years of coaching teams and organisations to become self-managing. Rather than looking at complicated self-management frameworks and models, these pages reveal a perspective of organisational transformation based on the simple but powerful premise of facilitating different kinds of dialogues.
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