MCQs in Intensive Care Medicine, E-bok

Av Steve Benington, Nightingale Peter, Maire Shelly
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This book provides 300 practice MCQs divided into three practice papers. Correct answers follow, accompanied by short referenced notes drawing from recent important journal articles, major critical care textbooks and selected internet resources. Since there is no other dedicated intensive care MCQ book on the market, this book is relevant to the following groups: junior intensive care trainees, senior intensive care nursing staff wishing to enhance their medical knowledge, intensive care consultants as a teaching aid and trainees preparing for professional examinations. This MCQ book will also be ideal in preparation for the European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine (EDIC) Part 1 examination, as the questions are matched as closely as possible in style and difficulty to those in the EDIC Part 1. The EDIC is an internationally recognised qualification for medical trainees in intensive care, set by the European Society for Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM).  It is a two-part examination consisting of a 100-question multiple choice paper (Part 1) and a clinical and viva voce examination (Part 2). To ensure relevance, the questions are designed with reference to the training syllabus provided by the ESICM.
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FörfattareSteve Benington, Nightingale Peter, Maire Shelly
Publiceringsdatum13 mar 2014
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