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Make me not me - Product stories as sales driver and identity builder, E-bok

av Ingemar Fredriksson
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Isbn 9789198436624
Typ E-bok
Förlag Procentförlaget
Språk Engelska
Serie A few percent more
Författare Ingemar Fredriksson
Designed by Annika Myr Martin
Översättare Deane Goltermann
Publiceringsdatum 29 okt. 2019
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Do we really need more consumer ‘stuff’?

While most everyone will answer ‘No,’ we still see thousands of new products and services launched every day. These compete for our attention with already inundated markets filled with existing products – in the midst of the most intense information flows in history. Traditional adverts are not a cost-effective solution and like much more. So how can you successfully catch consumers’ interest?

This book provides the answer. It’s all about adapting to the demands of entertainment – which means product stories that are simultaneously sales driving and identity building. The book presents volumes of examples – including how one of the most wide-spread breakfast cereals was originally developed as a way to counteract masturbation.

It also fully explains concepts like Business mindfulness, the ‘Happy Valley phenomenon,’ and ‘Copperfield rhetoric.’ Moreover, you read about how a single word is used to encour- age consumers to buy eggs from chickens that are less healthy and how consumers were led to pay 12 times more for their bowl of oatmeal porridge. Before concluding, the book provides a simple model for how to build quality product stories using four cornerstones, five elements that sell stories, and the ‘ICE’ you need.


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