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Love, Unscripted

av Owen Nicholls
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Isbn 9781472263148
Typ Bok
Förlag Headline
Format Pocket
Språk Engelska
Längd 377 sidor
Författare Owen Nicholls
Publiceringsdatum 9 juli 2020
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Owen Nicholls' Love, Unscripted follows film projectionist Nick as he tries to understand the difference between love on the silver screen and love in real life. Perfect for fans of romcoms, David Nicholls and Nick Hornby. 'Sometimes a book comes along and it feels dusted with magic - Love, Unscripted is one of those books.

Nostalgic, tender and achingly cool' Josie Silver, author of One Day in December IT ISN'T ALWAYS LIKE THE MOVIES . . .

For the last four years, Nick's life has been picture-perfect. He's been working his dream job as a film projectionist and he's been dating Ellie, the love of his life and the coolest woman he's ever met. It took a while, but this hopeless romantic finally found a love story to rival the big screen.

Until, one day, Ellie moves out. Stunned by the end of their cinematic romance, Nic

k rewinds to the first night they met. Maybe if he can freeze-frame their happiest moments, he can work out why Ellie had to leave him behind. Before the credits roll, will Nick become the hero of his own romantic comedy, or is it finally time for him to step out of the frame? PRAISE FOR LOVE, UNSCRIPTED... 'An unmissable, multi-layered read' WOMAN & HOME'Bursting with some very cute cultural references'SUNDAY MIRROR'A refreshing take on the typical boy-meets-girl romance'WOMAN'S WEEKLY'A complete delight for film lovers (and lovers of love)' HOLLY BOURNE 'The book equivalent of a classic rom-com'CULTUREFLY'A nostalgic read for fans of Nick Hornby and David Nicholls'HEAT MAGAZINE 'A gorgeous rom-com' KATE DAVIES, AUTHOR OF IN AT THE DEEP END 'An astutely observed romantic comedy . .

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