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Let the Light be your Guide, Ljudbok

av Birgitta Sjöqvist
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Isbn 9789186799625
Typ Ljudbok
Förlag Förlagshuset Siljans Måsar
Språk Engelska
Längd 01:20:30
Författare Birgitta Sjöqvist
Uppläsare Birgitta Sjöqvist
Publiceringsdatum 30 apr. 2013
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Is it so that great experiences pass us by in our busy and stressful daily lives?


What are we missing? What is there within us which we are unaware of, unless

we take a pause? I was forced into an involuntary solitude which gave me the

possibility to reflect upon my life.


During this stillness it was like a quiet voice inside of me was saying words

 which where not mine.


I continued to listen with curiosity and soon I also began to write down that

which was said.


Where did these texts come from? They delt with the power of love and aboute

how life can be lived on earth.


Dear Readers this is the story of my experiences and perhaps it can inspire You

to allow your solitude and the tranquility which can be found therein, to reflect

the riches which I belive are within all of us.


Birgitta Sjoqvist


”I feel so fortunate to have been able to help Birgitta on this project. These are words of great love and beauty and speak of the power of love to transform our lives, ourselves and the world as a whole. I believe that the message contained herein is one of great importance for the world at this time in the history of humanity.”

Victoria Farina


The book is narrated by the author, Birgitta Sjöqvist.   

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