In the Wood, E-bok

In the Wood, E-bok

av Guy de Maupassant
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"In the Wood" is a romantic and humorous story about two middle-aged lovers who decide to revisit the spot of their first acquaintance in order to rekindle their love life. Little do they know that a policeman is about to ruin their frivolous decision. Maupassant’s knowledge of the human soul and his elegant handling of natural surroundings create a vivid atmosphere where love and memories create a symphony that echoes in the hearts of everyone involved. A perfect light reading for relaxation and poetry-lovers.

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FörlagSaga Egmont
Publishing date29 sep. 2020
Media formatE-bok
Extent value0
FörfattareGuy de Maupassant
Translated byAlbert Marian Cohn-Mcmaster