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Hip hop journal : a daily planner

av Mark 563 , Björn Almqvist
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Isbn 9789188369444
Typ Bok
Förlag Dokument Press
Format Inbunden
Språk Engelska
Längd 208 sidor
Författare Mark 563, Björn Almqvist
Publiceringsdatum 2 nov. 2020
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A daily planner with facts on what happened on this day in hip hop history!

The Hip Hop Journal provides you with a notebook as well as a daily update on the most important historical events that took place in hip hop culture on each date. Simply turn to todays page to find out what classic records were released on this day in the past, and next to it note your schedule, ideas, grocery list, or why not your rhymes.

Get inspired by what has happened in hip hops past and make the most of your day!

The journal offers a variety of facts, from record releases and movies to important cultural events relating to the development of hip hop culture over the last 45+ years. The Hip Hop Journal is a loving celebration of the rich body of work that builds one of the most influential cultures of our times, and an invaluable help in planning your day-to-day activities.

In the Hip Hop Journal you plan your year accompanied by the many events in hip hop history, visualised by hip hop illustrator Mark 563s illustrations, depicting the most iconic rappers and hip hop personalities from the 70s until today. You may not know them all, but if you spend a little time every day, listening and catching up on the classic record releases listed in this book, you will be close to a PhD in hip hop by the end of the year.

The Hip Hop Journal is the latest title in Dokument Press publications related to hip hop, graffiti and street art, and it is the third release with illustrator Mark 563, following the tremendously popular Hip Hop Coloring Book and Hip Hop Coloring Book: East Coast Edition.

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