Haute Route - Travelogue from Chamonix to Zermatt hike, E-bok

av Aku-Petteri Korhonen
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The book is a gripping description of a mountain hike of nearly two weeks made from France’s Chamonix to Zermatt in Switzerland. The trip encompasses the approximately 170-kilometer Haute Route, which advances in the mountain range. Every day on the hike a mountain is crossed, or even three. The text relays situations that arose along the way and conversations with hikers from around the world, all described in a warm and humorous tone. The writer contemplates the choices a hiker must make and many other matters worth pondering. The book is based on writings made in the evenings after a day of hiking and they vividly reflect the honest thoughts of the writer at the time. Practicalities are featured prominently in the text, as the hike involved day-to-day decisions of accommodation and route choices. The text is not solely limited to the route in question but includes elements and themes from previous mountain hike experiences. In addition to providing information on the progress made during the route, the text gives insight into practical matters, including equipment, accommodations and securing lodgings. The book makes for a splendid read for those planning a mountain hike and even for those hoping to make the journey from very place they are sitting in. The book includes over a hundred photos, maps and relevant information regarding the days of hiking.

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Isbn 9789523181960
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Utgivningsdatum 5 okt. 2017
Typ E-bok
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Författare Aku-Petteri Korhonen