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Go for God, E-bok

av Otto Rimas
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Isbn 9789197970839
Typ E-bok
Förlag LOR production
Språk Engelska
Författare Otto Rimas
Publiceringsdatum 7 okt. 2011
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What is the meaning of life? Who is God? How do I find God’s calling for my life? These are questions that the author deals with in this book about Christian discipleship. Living for God is an adventure, full of joy and surprises. It is also a journey through mist and darkness, where faith is tested and trust is challenged, and where God proves Himself to be faithful.

God grants us our freedom to live with a strong initiative, since we are created competent to make decisions for our lives. At the same time He invites us to go into partnership with Him, who is fully on our side and wants to help, guide and support us. And He challenges us to be fully focused on the great commandment: to honour Him with our lives and to spread the Good News to the world.

“Go for God” is a book for everyone who wants to take the Christian life seriously, who is seeking God’s will in life and who wants to live a joyful life for God. In this positive and inspiring book about Christian life, the focal point is clear and challenging: Jesus Christ is Lord and He has called us to live devotedly for Him.

Otto Rimas works as Bible teacher at Mariannelunds folkhögskola in Sweden since 1978.

242 pages.

From the Foreword by Roger Forster

This book is about the liberating call of God. It is because of the all embracing character of God’s call together with the paucity of literature on this subject that Otto Rimas has written these helpful pages. The meaning of God, life, myself, would be ambitious enough for a book but Otto shows that we need to know God’s calling not only for these subjects but for when we don’t understand what is happening, when we need wisdom in how to act, or how to appropriate and express our calling in our contemporary society.

Otto’s book has freshly stimulated my heart to be waiting on God and listening to his voice in all the circumstances of my life; good peaceful, pleasant, successful, but even more so in the dark days and the crises of my Christian discipleship.

These pages from Otto Rimas will analyse and explain this comprehensive and magnificent call of God and in so doing these pages will make us hungry to hear his voice.
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