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German course, E-bok

av Ann-Charlotte Wennerholm
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Isbn 9789173611756
Typ E-bok
Förlag Univerb Förlag
Språk Engelska
Format 100
Författare Ann-Charlotte Wennerholm
Publiceringsdatum 12 jan. 2016
The course contains 3 hours’ recorded material. The text and the recording are combined, and you simply press ’play’, either at the beginning in order to hear the entire course, or for each sentence. The course consists of the following 37 sections:
 1. Common expressions -when meeting someone    
 2. Numerals -cardinal numbers    
 3. Numerals-ordinal numbers    
 4. The time    
 5. Days of the week    
 6. The months    
 7. The seasons    
 8. The weather    
 9. Colours    
10. By train    
11. By plane    
12. At the airport    
13. At passport control/customs    
14. At the hotel    
15. Breakfast    
16. Renting a car    
17. At the garage/at the petrol station    
18. By bus    
19. By underground    
20. By taxi
21. Road information
22. General phrases – when needing help
23. The bank
24. At the post office
25. Telephone
26. General phrases – when in company
27. At the restaurant
28. Food
29. Drink
30. Purchasing and shopping
31. At the doctor
32. At the pharmacy
33. General phrases -in emergencies
34. On the beach
35. Entertainment
36. Trips
37. Sport

You will learn approximately 800 new words.
People use between 500-1,500 words in active everyday speech.
After completing this course, you will have attained level A1 on the Council of Europe’s foreign language proficiency scale.
This means that you will be familiar with most common words and phrases in your immediate surroundings.
You are also able to read and understand common names and simple sentences, and you can hold a conversation if the other person speaks slowly and clearly.
You can complete simple forms.
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