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Flipped Assessment: A Leap towards Assessment for Learning, E-bok

av Marika Toivola
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Isbn 9789513778057
Typ E-bok
Förlag Edita
Språk Engelska
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Format 100
Författare Marika Toivola
Publiceringsdatum 24 feb. 2020
New release on the significance of assessment in a student-centered learning culture Flipped Assessment presents formative assessment as the most important factor in a student-centered learning culture. The book is built on practical experience and strong theoretical foundations. The story of the author developing her assessment practices offers guidance for readers who want to develop their own assessment practices and learning culture. The book also describes how assessment is used to support the students' self-regulation and to help them to reach their own, individual goals. At its best, assessment supports the learning of the whole community.
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