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eHair and chemistry, E-bok

av Lars Dahlstrad
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Format PDF med vattenmärkning
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Isbn 9789186336431
Typ E-bok
Förlag D&D Förlag
Språk Engelska
Författare Lars Dahlstrad
Publiceringsdatum 16 mars 2014
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 eHair and Chemistry 

is the English version of the Swedish hairdressing textbook Hår och kemi. These titles are also used professionally, e.g. as reference books in hairdressing salons. 

The book begins with the hair and skin, describing their structure, characteristics and function. Different kinds of mixture that are commonly used in hairdressing are introduced in the form of studies, experiments and summaries. Our approach is learning by doing. We go on to describe shampooing, hair care and hair dressing, perming. Particular emphasis is given to substances typically used in hairdressing products and the effect they have on the hair. 

The section on product ingredients is becoming increasingly important as more and more customers want to know what is being used on their hair. 

 eHair and Chemistry provides the answers.

Work technique, the environment and ethics, and changes to the skin and hair are treated in separate chapters.

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