Eggy - The story of an egg, E-bok

av Pia Holmquist - Hugo Catolino
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A large egg appears at the Baby Zoo and a lot of things happen!

Zookeeper Leaf and Doctor Wise have found a large egg at the zoo... but who is the egg's mother?

Eggy is a colourful and funny story that will become a favourite among the small ones in the family!

The book is an adaptation of a successful children's theater play by Pia Holmquist & Hugo Catolino.

SKU 9789187227110

Mer information:

Isbn 9789187227110
Förlag Pliplop Books
Utgivningsdatum 10 nov. 2012
Typ E-bok
Format PDF med vattenmärkning
Språk Engelska
Författare Pia Holmquist - Hugo Catolino