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Daydreams, E-bok

av Cupido
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Format Epub med vattenmärkning
Lagerstatus finns i lager
Isbn 9788726436143
Typ E-bok
Förlag Cupido
Språk Engelska
Serie Cupido
Längd 0
Författare Cupido
Översättare Saga Egmont
Publiceringsdatum 28 okt. 2020
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Long-term couples can spice up their sex life with this hot little number whether bored at home or on a weekend away from work, home, and the kids.

This is an erotic short story collection from Cupido. The collection includes the following short stories:

"Yes, blessed be the Church that provided such wife material." David and Bathsheba by Geirr Eid

"She imagined her boyfriend on hands and knees before her. To begin with, she just walked round, looking at him." Daydreams by Kari, Buskerud

"He couldn’t understand that other people could have so many erotic fantasies. She picked up Cupido from her bedside table." Cupido by Titti, Stavanger

"He’d ordered ’The Beast’ from Cupido mail order. But everything turned out quite differently from what he’d imagined!" When ‘The Beast’ Arrived by Fred and Janne

"She was desperate and didn’t have time to wait until he came home. Luckily, he had hands-free in the car." Hands-free by Torsten Menker

CUPIDO – the magazine for intimate, horny pleasure – has been publishing erotic fiction based on readers’ everyday fantasies and sexual experiences since 1984.
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