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Constructing Grounded Theory

av Kathy Charmaz
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Isbn 9780857029140
Typ Bok
Förlag Sage publications inc
Format Häftad
Språk Engelska
Serie Introducing qualitative method
Längd 416 sidor
Författare Kathy Charmaz
Publiceringsdatum 20 mars 2014
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Lecturers, request your electronic inspection copyKathy Charmaz presents the definitive guide to doing grounded theory from a constructivist perspective. This second edition of her groundbreaking text retains the accessibility and warmth of the first edition whilst introducing cutting edge examples and practical tips. This expanded second edition:- explores how to effectively focus on data collection- demonstrates how to use data for theorizing- adds two new chapters that guide you through conducting and analysing interviews in grounded theory - adds a new chapter on symbolic interactionism and grounded theory- considers recent epistemological debates about the place of prior theory- discusses the legacy of Anselm Strauss for grounded theory.

This is a seminal title for anyone serious about understanding and doing grounded theory research.

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